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Comprehensive Guide to UREA N46%: Unveiling Its Agricultural and Industrial Marvels

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In the realm of fertilizers, UREA N46% stands tall, serving as a versatile powerhouse with applications spanning agriculture and industry. Comprising 46% nitrogen, it is heralded as a crucial element for plant development. Let’s delve into the multifaceted uses of UREA , exploring its role in agriculture, industrial sectors, production methods, and transportation nuances.

Agricultural Marvels

UREA N46% in Crop Acceleration

Urea fertilizer, a staple in agriculture, takes center stage in nurturing crop growth and enhancing yields. With its nitrogen content at a formidable 46%, UREA outshines other solid nitrogen fertilizers, boasting efficiency and efficacy. The application methods are diverse, from foliar application to solid fertilizer dispersion by hand, sprayer, or through irrigation water.

Nitrogen: The Crop Growth Accelerator

Nitrogen, a linchpin for plant health, is embedded in UREA , facilitating accelerated crop growth and robust yields. This fertilizer’s composition, with only 1% biuret and minimal moisture and formaldehyde, ensures optimal nutrient delivery to crops. The particle size, ranging from 2 to 4 mm, contributes to its versatility in application.

Industrial Prowess

UREA N46% in Industrial Sectors

Beyond agriculture, UREA N46% finds its place in various industrial domains. From plastics to adhesives, pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, and the production of diverse filters, its utility knows no bounds. The nitrogen-rich composition of UREA makes it a sought-after component in industrial processes.

Urea Production: Anhydrous Ammonia Unveiled

The production of UREA N46% mirrors that of most commercial nitrogen fertilizers, emanating from anhydrous ammonia (NH3). The high nitrogen analysis, a whopping 46% N, is a pivotal factor contributing to the cost-effectiveness of this fertilizer.

Packaging, Transportation, and Storage

Ensuring UREA N46%’s Integrity

Urea is meticulously packed in polyethylene and propylene bags, ensuring its integrity during transportation and storage. Whether shipped in bulk or in specialized containers, adherence to transportation regulations safeguards against environmental impact and spillage. The shelf life of UREA is six months from the date of production.

Procuring UREA N46%

Seamless Procurement at Aljabal Global

For those seeking UREA N46%, Aljabal Global emerges as the go-to destination. Whether in bags or bulk, granular or peril forms, Aljabal Global caters to diverse requirements. Reach out to their commercial unit for insights on pricing, expert advice, and a streamlined procurement process. The adept team at Aljabal Global ensures a comprehensive service, from information provision to the swift supply of raw materials.

Urea N46% Variants and Pricing

Prilled vs. Granular: Unveiling Choices

Aljabal Global offers UREA N46% in two distinct forms: prilled and granular. The choice between these variants is pivotal, and Aljabal Global’s experts stand ready to guide customers. The pricing of UREA N46% varies based on quantity, packaging, and international demand. For export-quality UREA, Aljabal Global ensures competitive pricing, directly sourcing from manufacturers and offering flexible transportation methods.


In the expansive landscape of fertilizers, UREA N46% emerges not just as a substance but as a catalyst for agricultural abundance and industrial innovation. Aljabal Global, with its commitment to quality and efficiency, serves as the gateway to a seamless UREA experience. As you navigate the realms of agriculture and industry, let UREA N46 be your ally in fostering growth and prosperity.