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400 MT granular Sulphur export to Myanmar, Sep 2023

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In September 2023, Aljabal Holding, a leading global trading company, exported 400 million tons of sulphur to Myanmar. This report provides an overview of the shipment, including the background of the transaction, the parties involved, the quantity and quality of the sulphur, and the logistics of the shipment.


Aljabal Holding is a well-established trading company with a global presence. The company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality products and services to its customers. In September 2023, Aljabal Holding secured a contract to export 400 million tons of sulphur to Myanmar.

Parties Involved:

The parties involved in the transaction were Aljabal Holding and the buyer in Myanmar. The buyer’s name has not been disclosed due to confidentiality reasons.

Quantity and Quality of Sulphur:

The shipment consisted of 400 million tons of sulphur. The sulphur was sourced from a reliable supplier and met all international quality standards. The sulphur was tested and verified by an independent third-party inspection agency to ensure that it met the required specifications.

Logistics of the Shipment:

The logistics of the shipment were handled by Aljabal Holding’s experienced team of professionals. The sulphur was transported from the supplier’s location to the port of loading using a combination of trucks and railcars. At the port, the sulphur was loaded onto a vessel and shipped to Myanmar. The entire process was closely monitored to ensure that the shipment was delivered on time and in good condition.


In conclusion, Aljabal Holding’s export of 400 million tons of sulphur to Myanmar in September 2023 was a successful transaction. The sulphur met all international quality standards, and the logistics were efficiently managed by Aljabal Holding’s experienced team. This shipment is a testament to Aljabal Holding’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its customers.

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