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50×20 ft Bitumen 50/70 shipment to Tanzania, Jul 2023

Supplier of sulphur, bitumen, urea and polymers in Dubai.


In July 2023, Aljabal Company, a prominent bitumen supplier based in Dubai, undertook a significant shipping operation to Tanzania. The company loaded 50 containers, each with a capacity of 20 feet, with high-quality bitumen 50/70. This comprehensive article dives into the details of Aljabal’s remarkable shipment, exploring their previous ventures and global presence in the bitumen market.

1. Overview of Aljabal Company

Aljabal Company is a well-established supplier of bitumen, sulfur, and urea based in Dubai, UAE. With a strong global presence, the company has built a reputation for reliability, quality products, and exceptional customer service. Their commitment to excellence has made them a preferred choice for clients across various industries.

3. Aljabal’s Previous Bitumen Shipments

Over the years, Aljabal Company has executed several successful bitumen shipments worldwide. Some noteworthy past shipments include:

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3.2 Exporting to Different Countries

Aljabal has successfully exported bitumen to various countries, such as Vietnam, Yemen, China, and the Philippines. Their reputation as a reliable supplier has enabled them to reach new markets and expand their global reach.

4. The Journey to Tanzania

4.1 Preparation and Loading Process

Loading 50 containers bitumen 50/70 shipment to Tanzania required meticulous planning and execution. Aljabal’s experienced team ensured that the containers were properly sealed and secured for the journey.

4.2 Logistics and Route

The logistics team at Aljabal carefully planned the shipping route to Tanzania, considering factors such as weather conditions and transit times. The route involved multiple ports and land transportation to reach the final destination efficiently.

4.3 Arrival in Tanzania

Upon reaching Tanzania, the bitumen would play a crucial role in various infrastructure projects, contributing to the country’s development and growth.

4. Aljabal’s Presence in the Bitumen Market

4.1 UAE Suppliers Directory

Aljabal Company’s presence in the UAE Suppliers Directory showcases their credibility and expertise in the bitumen market.

4.2 Top Bitumen Shingles Exporters

Aljabal is among the top exporters of bitumen shingles in the UAE, catering to global demand and expanding their client base.

4.3 Establishing a Reliable Supply Chain

The company’s commitment to establishing a reliable supply chain ensures that customers receive consistent and high-quality products on time.

5. The Importance of Bitumen in Tanzania

5.1 Bitumen in Infrastructure Development

Bitumen is vital for Tanzania’s infrastructure development, supporting the construction of durable roads, bridges, and other critical structures.

5.2 Bitumen Market in East Africa

The East African region’s growing demand for bitumen presents significant opportunities for suppliers like Aljabal to contribute to the region’s progress.

Loading process of high-quality bitumen 50/70

6. Aljabal’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

6.1 Sustainable Practices in the Industry

Aljabal Company embraces sustainable practices, minimizing their environmental impact while delivering exceptional products.

6.2 Quality Assurance and Compliance

Quality assurance measures ensure that Aljabal’s bitumen meets international standards and exceeds customer expectations.

7. Future Prospects for Aljabal

With a strong track record and commitment to excellence, Aljabal is poised for continued growth and success in the global bitumen market.


Aljabal Company’s remarkable shipment of 50 containers filled with high-quality bitumen 50/70 to Tanzania demonstrates their expertise and reliability in the industry. As the company continues to expand its reach and maintain its commitment to quality and sustainability, it is certain to play a significant role in the future of the bitumen market.


  1. Q: How many containers were loaded with bitumen for Tanzania in July 2023?
  • A: Aljabal Company loaded 50 containers, each with a 20 ft capacity, with bitumen for Tanzania in July 2023.
  1. Q: What are the applications of bitumen?
  • A: Bitumen is used in road construction, roofing, waterproofing, and other industrial applications.
  1. Q: Which countries have Aljabal previously exported bitumen to?
  • A: Aljabal has exported bitumen to Malaysia, Kenya, Myanmar, Vietnam, Yemen, China, the Philippines, and more.
  1. Q: What is Aljabal’s commitment to sustainability?
  • A: Aljabal Company embraces sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible growth.
  1. Q: What is the significance of bitumen in Tanzania’s infrastructure development?
  • A: Bitumen is crucial for the construction of durable roads, bridges, and other vital structures in Tanzania.

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