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50×20 ft Bitumen 50/70 to Tanzania, Aug 2023, part 2

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Aljabal Group, a leading player in the bitumen industry, is proud to announce the continuation of its bitumen shipment to Tanzania. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products and meeting the growing demand for bitumen in the region, Aljabal Group has loaded another 50x20ft containers of bitumen 50/70 for shipment.

Meeting Demand and Ensuring Quality:

As the construction industry in Tanzania continues to grow, the demand for bitumen, a crucial component in road construction and maintenance, has seen a significant rise. Aljabal Group recognizes the importance of meeting this demand while ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Each container of bitumen 50/70 being shipped by Aljabal Group undergoes a meticulous quality control process. Our team of experts ensures that the product meets all required specifications, guaranteeing its suitability for various road construction projects in Tanzania.

Reliable Logistics and Timely Delivery:

At Aljabal Group, we understand the importance of reliable logistics and timely delivery. We have established a robust supply chain network that enables us to efficiently transport our bitumen shipments to Tanzania. By partnering with trusted logistics providers, we ensure that our products reach their destination promptly and in optimal condition.

Environmental Responsibility:

As a responsible player in the bitumen industry, Aljabal Group is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. We adhere to environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations, including the transportation of bitumen to Tanzania. We strive to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices at every stage of our supply chain.

Supporting Tanzania’s Infrastructure Development:

By continuing our bitumen shipments to Tanzania, Aljabal Group aims to contribute to the country’s infrastructure development. We recognize the crucial role that well-constructed roads play in fostering economic growth and improving connectivity. Our high-quality bitumen products are designed to withstand the challenging Tanzanian climate, ensuring long-lasting and durable road surfaces.


Aljabal Group remains dedicated to meeting the growing demand for bitumen in Tanzania. Through our reliable logistics, commitment to quality, and environmental responsibility, we strive to be the preferred choice for bitumen supply in the region. As we continue our shipments, we look forward to playing a significant role in Tanzania’s infrastructure development and supporting its journey towards progress.

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