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Easy way to acces sulphur, bitumen and Urea!

 You can find pictures of slabs & blocks of pietra grey marble (graffiti)! Which is usually in two base colours: dark grey & light grey! The market of dark grey is better than lighter one! It has good market in all over the world including Italy, Spain, china, India for rough blocks and markets like USA, Austrailia, Canada, far east Asia &… for polished slabs!The price of rough blocks of this material is mostly related with color, white veins (patterns), less Horizontal dark chains in The block and mostly dimension of the block (length & width)!In the markets like Italy & Europe usually they need big blocks with length more than 270 cm and width more than 170 cm! While in India & China small size blocks are also accepted!
Slabs are usually supplied with two different finishing: polished & honed!

Fantasy Gray Marble

Dark Browns

Main market of this material is India, China & far east Asia!

Gohare Limestone

Gohare limestone is a unique cream limestone from Turkmenistan which has good market in Europe & USA for outdoor flooring or facade! Although China, Turkey & Italy also import rough blocks as well! We can supply slabs &  cut-to-size tiles with different finishing like polished, honed, etc!

Arabescato White Marble

Light Beige Travertine

light beige travertine slabs & blocks pictures! It has good market as rough blocks & slabs in all markets except Turkey which has similar material! As slabs & tiles usually we export filled, polished, vein cut! 

Light Silver Travertine

Here you can find pictures of slabs & blocks of silver travertine (light)! It has good market as blocks & slabs in all the markets! Although some markets like Italy usually prefer dark silver travertine called Titanium! We can supply slabs polished, filled, vein-cut & croos-cut! But usually all markets ask for vein-cut

Nero Marble

Pietra Grey Marble (graffiti)

Red Travertine (soraya)

Dark Silver

Titanium TT pictures of blocks & slabs! It’s unique material of Iran! It has very good market in Europe specially As blocks blocks and USA as slabs (vein cut)!

Spider White Marble

ZA Beige Marble

Tiles & blocks of “ZA light beige marble“!We can supply slabs, cut-to-size & rough blocks of this material!The main market of rough blocks of this material is China! While for the slabs & cut-to-size we can market it in markets like Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, middle east, USA.

Camelia Beige Marble (Sofia Beige)

Green Marble

Green Watercolor Granite

Marshal Marble

Saiman White Marble (block & slab)

Turquoise Granite

Zebra Marble

Loading and Packaging

Loading and container stuffing of block stones